You’d tell your mom, your friend, even your colleagues about the newest place in town you discovered, so why not share that opinion online for everyone to see? And while doing that why not earn some points and reap the benefits?

Join The 5* Squad

We want to recognize and reward those joining our reviewlution!

Our 5* Squad is a community of people who share their experiences and help others discover the best of everything local.
We want to truly honor the connoisseurs who are sharing every new trend, good service, and hidden gems, so we attach the 5* squad badges to their profiles and then reward them for their service in the community.

How it works

3 levels:

The 5* Squad Badge is earned based on points you accumulate on your account.

Bronze 301+ points

Silver 601+ points

Gold 1001+ points

How can you join the 5*Squad?

You need to be Opiokalos to become part of our 5*squad. Frequent, quality reviews are important, but generally being awesome and helpful doesn’t hurt!

5*-worthiness is based on a number of things, including your contribution, connection and authenticity when generating reviews on Opiokalos.
To become part of the 5*squad, you agree that you:
  • Are using your real name on Opiokalos.
  • Have a clear photo of yourself as your primary photo.
  • Are 18+ You also agree that you are NOT:
  • A business owner, closely affiliated with a business owner (spouses, GMs, social media/marketing managers, etc.) or working for one of our competitors. Any of these occurrences would represent a conflict of interest.
  • Managing a business on Opiokalos and will not in the future. If you currently do, please let us know.